1. Speech by chairman

      Dehui has been extraordinary for 20 years because of you.

      In 2021, Shanghai Dehui Group Co., Ltd. celebrated its 20th birthday. From 2001 to 2021, Dehui Group grew from scratch and from small to big. It was 20 years of hard work, steady development and continuous innovation. Looking backwards, we are full of gratitude.

      We are grateful to the great new era. Under the theme of reform and opening up, the competition is fierce. 1.4 billion Chinese people pursue their dreams; small streams converge into oceans. In the past 20 years, Dehui Group has strengthened the guidance of Party building, kept its original aspiration in mind, forged ahead, and finally became today's national civilized unit.

      We are grateful to our friends who helped Dehui develop. Over the past two decades, Dehui Group always maintained an objective and rational attitude, kept continuous learning and surpassing, and grew up under the care and love of the society. Encouragement makes us passionate; criticism keeps us alert. For 20 years, Dehui Group has kept pace with the times, serving the country through industry and strengthening the country with science and technology. We have been moving forward on the road of scientific and technological innovation, and finally became today's technological innovation group.

      We are grateful to the fellows of Dehui. During the development of entrepreneurship, Dehui group has always been adhering to the enterprise spirit of " Following Rules with Morality, Moving Forward with Honesty ", actively practiced under the enterprise philosophy of " Technological Dehui, Converging Intelligence". Dehui family attracted more and more outstanding talents to join. For 20 years, Dehui group has devoted itself to cultivating "innovative talents" with "mind, pattern, responsibility and achievement".

      If you have great ambition, just spur yourself onto further efforts!

      A new journey is about to begin. Thank you for being by sides and contribute to the new era together!

      On the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Dehui group

      June 18, 2021