1. Party Construction

          Dehui Group party organization was established in June 2005 ,it implemented a series of activities such as “the education of maintaining the advancement of the Communist Party”, “study the principle of the scientific development”, “A Good”, “the education of the mass line”, “Two learn to do”, which achieved prominent results and was commended by all levels of party committees.

          In September 2010, approved by Pudong organization department and the party committee of social work, Dehui Group party organization upgraded to party committee with three party branches and realized the whole cover of party construction.

          For all these years, Dehui party committee revolved around the central goal of “improving the development of enterprise through the party construction”. It served the public and implemented the party’s path and policy.In the meantime,it combined the development concept of “technological Dehui integrates with intelligence”,held on the construction of “party member’s vanguard project”,implemented the thought of “combining party construction and enterprise transformation”and laid a solid foundation for its innovation development.

          It paid high attention to the party construction, so it has been affirmed by Shanghai’s party committee for many times,and was awarded the title of“Shanghai advanced party organization of two new” ,“the party construction innovation unit of Shanghai non-public financial enterprise”,“Pudong demonstration unit of two new party construction”,“Experimental unit of two new anti-corruption construction”.Xue Jiayu, the secretary of party committee, was awarded the title of“Shanghai Outstanding Party Member”,“Outstanding Party Member of Shanghai Two New Organization”,“Outstanding Staff in Party Affairs”。